RJ's 69 Camaro

On this site you will see pictures of the Camaro, what parts I decided to install on it and why and how long it takes to fully restore a vehicle like this when you pay-as-you-go. You will also see how much it actually costs to do a restoration.

I bought this car in 2004 and fully intended it to be a fun, drive-around car. I had no intention whatsoever to do a full restoration because I just wanted to enjoy driving it around. Well, that plan worked for a year or two until I had a problem with a fuel leak and the rear brakes. I could have done the work myself but I was very busy and decided to take the car to Noel Service.

The car has been there since February of 2008. Noel fixed the fuel leak and the rear brakes and then when I was going to pick it up the starter broke. Not electrically, PHYSICALLY! The end of the starter actually broke off because the teeth on the flywheel. So I decided to replace the engine with one I had been building in my garage. Well, when the old motor was taken out, both motor mounts were broken and the inside passenger wheel well was rotted out as well as the radiator support. Once thing led to another and here we are today finally close to starting it again.

Let's see how it goes!

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